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Unwanted sexual advances led to lawsuit against police department

Our Colorado readers have probably seen previous posts here that noted how it seems to be more common for women in traditionally male-dominated professions to become the victims of harassment. Sexual harassment, in particular, is a concern in some of these professions, and law enforcement jobs may be one of the toughest of all for women.

Employee fired after reporting unwanted sexual advances

Any Colorado employee who has had to endure unwanted sexual advances or offensive sexual comments in the workplace knows how difficult it can be to go to a hostile working environment like that on a day-to-day basis. Having to put up with this type of behavior, whether it is from co-workers or supervisors, can make an employee dread going to work every day. However, sometimes the more fearful aspect of this kind of sexual harassment can be the threat of what could happen if the victim of harassment files an official complaint.

Starbucks faces sexual harassment claim

The largest corporations in America have many levels in the management of their organizations. Of course, there are always the top decision makers at the corporate headquarters, but for businesses in the service sector especially, there will almost always be a store-level manager at each location. Starbucks, one of the largest and most recognizable food service corporations in the country, is one of these types of businesses.

Sexual harassment claim results in $99,999 settlement

Every job here in Colorado is different, but many employers use training sessions to educate their employees about diversity and discrimination in the workplace. Doing so can help bring attention to potential problems before they get out of hand. However, sometimes employees can still create a hostile working environment for others even when they know better. Unfortunately for a female police officer in another Western state, this appears to have been a major issue in the workplace.

JPMorgan Chase settles big employment law case

Large companies are usually successful because they hire and train the right people for the job. And when it comes to large, successful companies, there aren't many that are more successful than JPMorgan Chase. The banking giant is consistently listed among the most popular banking options in the country, and many of our Colorado readers probably have accounts with the company. The company's success, however, does not render it immune to employment law violations.

Male employees can be victims of sexual harassment too

It can be easy for Colorado residents to forget that male employees are sometimes the victims of discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment, in particular, is usually viewed as the type of employment law issue in which female employees are harassed by male employees. However, if the allegations in one recent report are true, a male employee at a TV news station may have been the victim of one of the most egregious female-on-male sexual harassment violations our Colorado readers will ever see.

Mediation in sexual harassment case leads to settlement

Anyone who works with employment law matters on a day-to-day basis would probably be able to tell our Colorado readers that there are certain occupations where sexual harassment is, unfortunately, more likely to occur. These occupations, such as law enforcement and the military, have for years been viewed as more male-centric professions, although in the last decade or so we have seen very encouraging steps forward. Problems will persist, however, and that appears to have been the case in one sheriff's office.

Can a sexual harassment lawsuit be kept from the public records?

Many of our Colorado readers probably know that most court proceedings are open to the public. This means that in all different kinds of cases, whether criminal or civil in nature, any member of the public could simply walk into the courtroom and observe. That is why it is so unusual for a party in any type of lawsuit to request confidentiality. In a sexual harassment lawsuit based on alleged actions in a casino, a judge was recently weighing just such a request.

Are gay employees treated differently in Colorado?

As society changes there are many of our institutions and policies that need to adapt to the times. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the increasing acceptance among the American public of individuals who identify themselves as homosexual. As people in the Denver area, and all over the country, have become more accepting of same-sex couples, a few states have changed their laws to accommodate gay marriage. But what about changes to workplace policies? Could gay employees in Colorado face a different kind of sexual harassment?

Unpaid interns may be targets of sexual harassment

From previous posts here, most of our Colorado readers would probably think that all employees are protected from any form of discrimination in the workplace, including sexual harassment. However, a recent article pointed toward one particular class of workers who may not receive all of the protections they deserve under state and federal employment law: unpaid interns.

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