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Employee fired after reporting unwanted sexual advances

Any Colorado employee who has had to endure unwanted sexual advances or offensive sexual comments in the workplace knows how difficult it can be to go to a hostile working environment like that on a day-to-day basis. Having to put up with this type of behavior, whether it is from co-workers or supervisors, can make an employee dread going to work every day. However, sometimes the more fearful aspect of this kind of sexual harassment can be the threat of what could happen if the victim of harassment files an official complaint.

For example, a recent report detailed how a female employee of a trucking company was subjected to lewd comments from a male supervisor. According to the report, when the female employee complained about the behavior, she was fired. Now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has gotten involved, and a lawsuit is seeking damages on the woman's behalf.

When an employee is subjected to sex discrimination from someone higher up on the corporate ladder, the fear of retaliation is a powerful disincentive for the employee to try to find some help within the organization. Oftentimes, a supervisor who is engaged this type of illegal behavior is very much aware of that concern, and will initially take small steps like giving the employee worse work hours if there is even so much as a whisper of a complaint on the harassed employee's part.

When a Colorado employee believes that they are being subjected to unlawful discrimination in the workplace, reporting the behavior to the EEOC is an option. Doing so will usually get an official investigation started, but the employee would help their cause by making sure that they have evidence of the alleged illegal behavior.

Source: KCCI 8 News, "Lawsuit: Woman fired after sexual harassment complaint," March 27, 2014

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