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April 2014 Archives

How do the protections of the ADA affect you?

Our Colorado readers probably encounter the effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act in a myriad of ways in their daily lives and don't even know it. For some, it may be by using a wheelchair ramp at a public building - a modification that was designed and built in order for the building to come into compliance with the terms of the ADA. While these architectural changes to certain buildings are indeed a major and important part of the purpose of the ADA, they are just part of a larger goal behind passage of the law: to end the discrimination that anyone with a disability could encounter in their daily lives.

Unwanted sexual advances led to lawsuit against police department

Our Colorado readers have probably seen previous posts here that noted how it seems to be more common for women in traditionally male-dominated professions to become the victims of harassment. Sexual harassment, in particular, is a concern in some of these professions, and law enforcement jobs may be one of the toughest of all for women.

Retaliation after FMLA leave part of employee's claims in lawsuit

Many American employees, including thousands in Colorado, fall under the protections of the Family Medical Leave Act. For those who do, knowing that there are legal protections available in the unfortunate event that they need to take a leave of absence from their job is comforting. However, the reality is that many employees are subjected to discrimination when they return from a leave taken under the protections of the FMLA, in the form of retaliation from their employer.

Alleged violations of ADA leads to lawsuit

Discrimination in the workplace remains an unfortunate reality throughout the country, despite efforts by millions of employers to increase awareness of sensitive issues among their employees. While our Colorado readers are probably used to seeing news coverage about racial and sexual discrimination, some may not realize that disability discrimination remains a problematic issue as well.

Employee fired after reporting unwanted sexual advances

Any Colorado employee who has had to endure unwanted sexual advances or offensive sexual comments in the workplace knows how difficult it can be to go to a hostile working environment like that on a day-to-day basis. Having to put up with this type of behavior, whether it is from co-workers or supervisors, can make an employee dread going to work every day. However, sometimes the more fearful aspect of this kind of sexual harassment can be the threat of what could happen if the victim of harassment files an official complaint.

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