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February 2014 Archives

Does the Family Medical Leave Act cover mental health issues?

The Family Medical Leave Act is a federal employment law that provides significant protections to millions of American workers, including many Colorado employees. However, there is sometimes a lack of knowledge among employees about their rights under this law - a problem that can sometimes lead to discrimination on the part of employers.

Are Colorado employers familiar with paternity leave?

When Colorado employees hear that a male co-worker is expecting a new family member because of his wife's pregnancy, there are usually congratulations and handshakes all around. Eventually, the conversation may turn to what types of arrangement the couple is making to care for the newborn, especially in terms of maternity leave for the mother. However, it usually doesn't occur to many people that a male employee himself may also be planning to take time off to care for the newborn.

JPMorgan Chase settles big employment law case

Large companies are usually successful because they hire and train the right people for the job. And when it comes to large, successful companies, there aren't many that are more successful than JPMorgan Chase. The banking giant is consistently listed among the most popular banking options in the country, and many of our Colorado readers probably have accounts with the company. The company's success, however, does not render it immune to employment law violations.

Employee seeks intermittent leave under FMLA, fired instead

At some point in life most people will have to deal with a serious medical issue. But, even if a Colorado resident is lucky enough to avoid an issue on their own, they may still have to care for a close relative dealing with a medical condition. Fortunately, when either one of these situations arise, most Colorado employees will be able to benefit from the protections of the Family Medical Leave Act.

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