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Male employees can be victims of sexual harassment too

It can be easy for Colorado residents to forget that male employees are sometimes the victims of discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment, in particular, is usually viewed as the type of employment law issue in which female employees are harassed by male employees. However, if the allegations in one recent report are true, a male employee at a TV news station may have been the victim of one of the most egregious female-on-male sexual harassment violations our Colorado readers will ever see.

According to the report, the male employee, who worked in the sales department at the news station, found himself working in an environment where the use of drugs, alcohol and sexual favors, particularly by female employees, were some of the primary methods by which advertising and sales accounts were secured. The employee alleges that one female manager was especially prone to graphic and explicit behavior, both in front of co-workers and clients. This same manager was said to have fired the male employee after he complained about much of the behavior he had witnessed - even though the decision by that manager was later rescinded.

However, this one sales manager wasn't the only person at the news station who was allegedly involved in this type of behavior. The male employee stated that alcohol and drug use in the workplace was common, as was sexual activity. And, to top it all off, the male employee says that all of these practices were known but ignored by higher-level executives.

As a result of the ongoing problems this created for the male employee, he decided to take action. He filed a sexual harassment lawsuit and is seeking $35,000 in damages. Representatives for the news station immediately denied the allegations in the lawsuit, but as litigation gets underway more details about this incredulous situation are sure to come out.

Source: Mail Online, "TV executives 'took drugs, went on bikini cruises and gave oral sex to clients', claims sexual harassment lawsuit," Daniel Bates, Jan. 14, 2014

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