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Employee alleges age discrimination after 19 years of employment

Many of our readers would probably assume that large corporations with retails stores throughout the country would have well-defined policies and procedures when it comes to prohibiting employment discrimination. This is usually a safe assumption, but what our readers may not know is that corporations can be held responsible for the behavior of their employees on the management level if those managers engage in discrimination.

That may be what occurs in one lawsuit against Advance Stores Company, Inc., better known for operating Advance Auto Parts stores. Advance Auto Parts stores are easy to find in most states, and Colorado is home to many of these stores. Unfortunately for this nation-wide company, a former employee has filed a lawsuit alleging age discrimination.

The employee, who has asserted that he was employed with Advance for 19 years, claims that he was basically forced to retire. The employee claims that his employment record with the company was mostly without blemish, but that he was unexpectedly placed on an improvement plan in 2011, and then he was asked to resign from his employment with the company.

Age discrimination has cropped up as a major problem in America's workforce, especially in the last few years in which employers have had to deal with a major recession that fundamentally altered the employment landscape in this country. Older, higher-paid employees are being forced out of employment so that younger, cheaper workers can be brought in, all in an effort to save the company money. This type of employment practice occurs throughout America, including in Colorado. But, each age discrimination lawsuit that is filed puts employers on alert that this type of illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Advance Stores sued for age discrimination," Annie Cosby, Jan. 10, 2014

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