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January 2014 Archives

Will employees see a change to FMLA law soon?

When all the news is negative it can be easy to forget that workers in America have a great deal of legal protection that actually makes their jobs much better than in many other parts of the world. For instance, any of our Colorado readers familiar with previous posts here no doubt know the basic protections of the Family Medical Leave Act, also known as FMLA. The FMLA was implemented in order to help an employee who is either himself facing a medical issue, or who has a close family member who is facing a medical issue and will require the employee's care. Basically, an employee can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from their job under these circumstances, with no fear of losing the job.

Male employees can be victims of sexual harassment too

It can be easy for Colorado residents to forget that male employees are sometimes the victims of discrimination in the workplace. Sexual harassment, in particular, is usually viewed as the type of employment law issue in which female employees are harassed by male employees. However, if the allegations in one recent report are true, a male employee at a TV news station may have been the victim of one of the most egregious female-on-male sexual harassment violations our Colorado readers will ever see.

Employee alleges age discrimination after 19 years of employment

Many of our readers would probably assume that large corporations with retails stores throughout the country would have well-defined policies and procedures when it comes to prohibiting employment discrimination. This is usually a safe assumption, but what our readers may not know is that corporations can be held responsible for the behavior of their employees on the management level if those managers engage in discrimination.

Will legal marijuana use lead to discrimination at work?

Colorado has been the focus of many news reports in the last few weeks, as much has been made of the fact that marijuana is now available for purchase by consumers solely for recreational use. The legalization of this type of marijuana use was big news when it happened, but now that the actual implementation of the legalization effort has begun, there are many people who are wondering how marijuana use will impact the workforce in Colorado.

Case asks - is a heart condition a disability?

Any of our Colorado readers who are familiar with lawsuits filed under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act probably know that in some cases the main issue is whether or not the condition in question qualifies as a disability or not. After all, only those conditions that fall within the definition of "disability," as stated in the statute, are protected conditions under the law. This very issue appears to be the crux of the case for one man.

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