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December 2013 Archives

Mediation in sexual harassment case leads to settlement

Anyone who works with employment law matters on a day-to-day basis would probably be able to tell our Colorado readers that there are certain occupations where sexual harassment is, unfortunately, more likely to occur. These occupations, such as law enforcement and the military, have for years been viewed as more male-centric professions, although in the last decade or so we have seen very encouraging steps forward. Problems will persist, however, and that appears to have been the case in one sheriff's office.

Shorter maternity leave can lead to medical problems

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time for many Colorado families. However, it also happens to be a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging time as people adjust to caring for a new baby. During this time many Colorado women take maternity leave from work in order to make this adjustment period slightly easier. However, under employment laws, Colorado employers do not have to offer paid leave. Therefore, most women only take a short maternity leave.

Company reaches settlement after alleged violation of ADA

Most of our Colorado readers have probably experienced the anxiety and excitement that comes with interviewing for a new job. Whether it is a college graduate interviewing for that first position or a seasoned veteran of the workforce looking for a change, the interview process can elicit a range of emotions. But, something that often gets lost in the excitement of attending an interview is the fact that there are certain questions an employer is not allowed to ask a potential employee. This includes questions about a person's health or a disability.

Does your social media use risk discrimination by employers?

Most of our Colorado readers know that there are certain factors that an employer cannot take into consideration when deciding whether or not to hire a potential employee. Federal law prohibits employment discrimination based on factors such as race, gender or religious preference. But are employers learning the details of potential employees' lives through social media?

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