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Employment discrimination costs employer $600,000

When a Colorado employee is facing discrimination in the workplace, oftentimes that discrimination is not apparent to other employees. In fact, some employees may be part of an employer's discriminatory practices and not even realize it, which could have been the scenario in one incident that ended with a $600,000 award for the victim of employment discrimination.

According to a report, an African-American woman, who was employed by a casino, covered the duties of a vacant supervisor's post for several months. She also interviewed to fill the position on a permanent basis. The woman had about 10 years of experience at the casino and apparently felt that she could fill the role in a more than adequate way. However, the reports indicate that the casino actually brought in a Caucasian woman to fill the position - a woman with far less than 10 years of experience - and the African-American employee was tasked with training her.

If that wasn't bad enough, the employer eventually recognized that the first Caucasian woman was not ability to handle the supervisory role. But, instead of giving the job to their African-American employee the employer again selected another, less experienced, Caucasian woman - and again, tasked the African-American employee to train her. Although they were part of a fairly obvious bit of employment discrimination on the employer's part, it isn't likely that either of the Caucasian women actually knew that they were part of the discrimination.

After this, the African-American employee apparently had enough and contacted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As a final violation of employment law, the casino fired the woman about a month after she filed her complaint with the EEOC. Fortunately, it appears that all has ended well for this woman, now that she has received $600,000 in compensation. Colorado employees who are facing discrimination in the workplace can contact either the EEOC or the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Source: NewsOne.com, "Woman Wins Big EEOC Discrimination Lawsuit Against Detroit Greektown Casino," Nov. 12, 2013

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