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November 2013 Archives

Can a sexual harassment lawsuit be kept from the public records?

Many of our Colorado readers probably know that most court proceedings are open to the public. This means that in all different kinds of cases, whether criminal or civil in nature, any member of the public could simply walk into the courtroom and observe. That is why it is so unusual for a party in any type of lawsuit to request confidentiality. In a sexual harassment lawsuit based on alleged actions in a casino, a judge was recently weighing just such a request.

Employment discrimination costs employer $600,000

When a Colorado employee is facing discrimination in the workplace, oftentimes that discrimination is not apparent to other employees. In fact, some employees may be part of an employer's discriminatory practices and not even realize it, which could have been the scenario in one incident that ended with a $600,000 award for the victim of employment discrimination.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act passes the U.S. Senate

Many of our previous posts here have discussed the federal laws that prohibit employment discrimination based on a variety of factors. There are laws that protect both employees and potential employees from discrimination based on gender, race or a person's disability, among other factors. However, there currently is no law that prohibits employment discrimination that is based on a person's sexual orientation, even though thousands of companies throughout America have already implemented this type of ban in their employment policies. But, according to a recent report, the first steps have been taken to change federal law.

Wal-Mart employee in Colorado claims ADA violation

Many of our Colorado readers probably know someone who has a disability but still manages to go to work every day. Changes in our society over the last several years have played a large role in making an individual who has a disability feel more comfortable about being around other people in a work environment. Changes to our laws have helped as well, and there is probably no law that has done more than the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Are gay employees treated differently in Colorado?

As society changes there are many of our institutions and policies that need to adapt to the times. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the increasing acceptance among the American public of individuals who identify themselves as homosexual. As people in the Denver area, and all over the country, have become more accepting of same-sex couples, a few states have changed their laws to accommodate gay marriage. But what about changes to workplace policies? Could gay employees in Colorado face a different kind of sexual harassment?

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