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April 2013 Archives

Settlement reached in lawsuit against City of Colorado Springs

Some of our Colorado readers may have heard about recent developments in a lawsuit filed against the City of Colorado Springs. The employment discrimination lawsuit was brought against the city by a former employee based on a claim of wrongful termination. These types of cases can oftentimes be difficult to successfully pursue, but in this case it appears that the former employee's case was solid enough to warrant a settlement offer.

Waitress claims discrimination in lawsuit against employer

Millions of people in America, including many in Colorado, go through life-and-death medical struggles every year. In some cases these types of issues can have a serious impact on a person's employment. If a medical problem leaves an employee with a disability, or even if the employee is perceived to have a disability due to medical issues, the Americans with Disabilities Act provides certain protections from employment-based discrimination. According to a recent story, a waitress who underwent brain surgery last year may be invoking these protections in her employment discrimination claim.

Former pro football player claims discrimination against employer

Many of our Colorado readers know that there are a variety of ways in which an employer can engage in discriminatory behavior. Treating an employee differently due to their race or nationality is discrimination. Treating an employee differently because of a physical or mental disability is discrimination. And treating an employee differently due to their age is also discrimination. What do all of these forms of employment discrimination have in common? They are all illegal.

Colorado company reaches settlement on sexual harassment claim

For most of our Colorado readers, hopefully any disagreements they have with a superior in the course of their employment are strictly based on work-related matters. However, anyone familiar with previous posts here knows that this is not always the case for employees throughout the country, and Colorado is not immune to some of the more serious conflicts, such as sexual harassment.

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