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Teacher to receive large settlement in sexual harassment case

Most of our Colorado readers probably want to enjoy their work environments and have friendly relationships with their fellow co-workers. When a person is working under these types of circumstances it can make getting through the work day just a little bit easier. However, romantic relationships with co-workers - or supervisors - can sometimes lead to trouble. That appears to have been what happened in one situation in a school district, and the result was a sexual harassment lawsuit.

According to a recent report, the problems in this case began after a probationary teacher and the principal at her school called off a sexual relationship. It appears that the principal did not like this move, and the teacher alleged that he began harassing her both at school and at home, including taking her out of her classroom during school days and asking other teachers about her private life. The situation appears to have had some resolution after the principal retired in 2011.

Nonetheless, the teacher pursued a lawsuit, in which the parties recently agreed to a settlement. According to the reports, the teacher will receive $600,000, most of which will be covered by the school district's insurance. The reports indicate further that these instances of sexual harassment weren't the only time that this principal had been involved in some controversy. He had been accused of choking a student in 2009 and was suspended as a result, but eventually he returned to work after being cleared in that case.

No employee should have to suffer from sexual harassment at the hands of a supervisor or co-worker. Employment laws protect Colorado workers who find themselves in this type of situation, and anyone who believes they have been subjected to discrimination should be sure to get the right information on their options moving forward.

Source: mLive, "Flint schools settle teacher's sexual harassment lawsuit for $600,000," Gary Ridley, Feb. 21, 2013

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