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March 2013 Archives

EEOC gets involved in pregnancy discrimination claim

Previous posts here have mentioned the problem of pregnancy discrimination. How is this form of employment discrimination similar to other types of discrimination? Well, it is usually based on what many would call a temporary medical condition. An employer who believes that the time off that a pregnant employee may need to take is jeopardizing business operations could seek to replace that employee - permanently. Or, an employer could discriminate against a job applicant based on the pregnancy - not hiring the individual because that person would obviously need to take at least a short period of time off from work within the foreseeable future. When a woman is subjected to this type of discrimination in the workplace, the employer needs to be held accountable.

Large venture capital firm facing sexual harassment claim

There are several different federal employment laws which prohibit an employer from engaging in discrimination. Discrimination can come in many forms, and these laws prohibit discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, nationality and disabilities. Discrimination based on these factors can be somewhat subtle, and cases alleging discrimination can be quite complex and sometimes difficult to prove. There are other types of cases, however, that can be a bit more straightforward, and many times these cases involve sexual harassment.

Questions during interview bring up discussion on discrimination

The arrival of a certain superstar quarterback in Denver last year likely added to the legions of football fans in Colorado. Even though the National Football League is currently in the offseason, there are still many exciting activities taking place as the 32 teams prepare for the new season to begin in September. Recently, the annual Scouting Combine took place in Indianapolis, a kind of workout and interview get-together for prospective players, coaches and owners. During the event, which takes place over several days, prospective players are interviewed by the representatives from teams - interviews that are essentially evaluating the players for employment.

Teacher to receive large settlement in sexual harassment case

Most of our Colorado readers probably want to enjoy their work environments and have friendly relationships with their fellow co-workers. When a person is working under these types of circumstances it can make getting through the work day just a little bit easier. However, romantic relationships with co-workers - or supervisors - can sometimes lead to trouble. That appears to have been what happened in one situation in a school district, and the result was a sexual harassment lawsuit.

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