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Colorado company settles sexual harassment complaints

The relationship between an employer and an employee doesn't have to be a complicated one. It doesn't matter if the employer is a private or government entity, employers expect their employees to show up on time and do their jobs. In return, an employee should be able to expect a work environment conducive to achieving that goal. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Discrimination and sexual harassment are still problems in America's workforce, and Colorado employees are not immune to these issues.

For example, a recent report detailed how one Colorado company, Spud Sellers, Inc., has reached an agreement to settle a sexual harassment complaint filed by 10 of the company's female employees. The case began with just one woman coming forward, but nine others subsequently joined in on the case. According to the report, the problem arose from the actions of another employee, who was alleged to have exposed himself at one point, as well as texting sexually charged messages to some of the women.

Now that the company has agreed to settle the case, it will have to abide by several terms. First, the company will pay $255,000, which is to be split among the complainants and the legal services who handled the case. Next, the company will be required to provide training to employees on the issue of sexual harassment and prevention. The company must also refrain from retaliating against these 10 employees. Lastly, the company policy manual will need to be made available in both English and Spanish.

Although another part of the settlement was that the company still denied the allegations, that is somewhat typical of agreements like this under employment law. The important thing, however, is that the employer was held accountable for the unacceptable actions that took place in the workplace.

Source: The Monte Vista Journal, "Spud Seller agrees to pay $255,000," Feb. 7, 2013

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