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February 2013 Archives

FMLA turns 20, but discrimination is still a problem

Some of our Colorado readers may not know, but this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act becoming law. President Bill Clinton signed the act into law in 1993, and since then millions of employees have enjoyed the benefits of this bill. A recent article noted how an estimated 35 million people have taken time off of work under the auspices of this law's protections.

Colorado company settles sexual harassment complaints

The relationship between an employer and an employee doesn't have to be a complicated one. It doesn't matter if the employer is a private or government entity, employers expect their employees to show up on time and do their jobs. In return, an employee should be able to expect a work environment conducive to achieving that goal. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Discrimination and sexual harassment are still problems in America's workforce, and Colorado employees are not immune to these issues.

School district superintendent sued for sexual harassment

Everyone deserves a work environment where employees can work together and accomplish the goals set out by their supervisors. However, there are unfortunately many places throughout the country where sexual harassment is prevalent. Some employment situations, particularly those in which a singular figure is the head of the organization, can quickly develop into a culture of discrimination against woman due to their gender. The good news, however, is that employments laws exists which can be applicable to these types of situations, leading to the employer being held accountable for their actions.

Media company settles discrimination lawsuit

Some of our readers may be familiar with the media company Gannett Co. This large company contributes to media and publications throughout the country, including in Colorado. Although there may be a misperception among many people that the bigger a company is the better its organizations and policies are, that is not always the case. For Gannett Co., this meant settling an employment discrimination case recently.

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