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Employment discrimination case brought against HBO, AHA

Any of our Colorado readers who are familiar with the short-lived HBO television series "Luck" are probably also familiar with the fact that the series had quite a few problems. Although the original goal of the series was probably to establish another strong, critically-acclaimed show in the vein of other HBO products like "True Blood" and "Boardwalk Empire," "Luck" just couldn't get around some problems with a key part of the cast - horses.

Even though the series has been canceled, in part due to some alleged mistreatment of horses on the show, which actually resulted in the death of a few different horses, more problems are now on the radar. A former employee of the American Humane Association has filed a wrongful termination suit against HBO and her former employer, alleged that both engaged in employment discrimination against her. This former employee stated that she had urged the AHA to report on some of the abuse horses on the set of the show were experiencing, and the AHA did not do so on at least a few occasions. The employee was fired in January, and she states that her actions involving the treatment of horses on "Luck" were the primary reason why.

No one would argue with the fact that employers are allowed to fire employees when there is a good reason, but retaliatory firings are usually not going to hold up. If this former AHA employee was indeed just doing her job, there may not be any reason involving the HBO show which should have resulted in her termination from employment.

It can be very difficult to successfully pursue a wrongful termination suit. Only time will tell if this former AHA employee will succeed in hers. However, for anyone who may have experienced a similar situation in which they believe they were wrongfully terminated from their employment, getting the right information on how to proceed can be the best first step to take.

Source: ArcadiaPatch, "Fmr. Humane Society Production Director Sues for Wrongful Termination Related to 'Luck' Deaths," Jan. 2, 2013

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