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Tv star claims potential employment discrimination

Some of our Colorado readers may be familiar with the television show "Storage Wars." The popular A&E hit covers the ongoing efforts of a variety of operations to buy the contents of old storage units, usually by means of bidding at storage unit auctions. The show has been on the air for three seasons now, but it appears that the fourth season may have some controversy to address.

One of the show's more popular participants, David Hester, has claimed that some elements of the show are faked, and that his complaints about the practices led the show's producers to decide not to have him on the show going into the fourth season. Hester is now firing back, having recently filed a lawsuit partly based on this alleged employment discrimination.

Hester's lawsuit, which alleges unfair business practices, wrongful termination and breach of contract, seeks compensation of over $750,000. Some of the specific allegations are that the show intentionally stocks some old storage units with rarities, including, for example, valuable newspapers covering the death of Elvis Presley. Hester even claims that sometimes entire storage units used on the show are staged, as are parts of the bidding wars which take place between potential buyers.

Retaliation from employers has been discussed in previous posts, and it appears that this "Storage Wars" controversy may contain some elements of employer retaliation. Hester has even claimed that some of the show's practices may actually violate federal law. When an employer terminates an employee for an invalid reason, that employee may have a case for a wrongful termination. If any of our Colorado readers believe that they may have been fired from their jobs for retaliatory reasons, it might be a good idea to assess all of the available legal options to ensure that the employer is held accountable.

Source: KOAA.com, "Lawsuit claims A&E's Storage Wars' show is rigged," Alyse Rzemek, Dec. 11, 2012

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