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December 2012 Archives

Tv star claims potential employment discrimination

Some of our Colorado readers may be familiar with the television show "Storage Wars." The popular A&E hit covers the ongoing efforts of a variety of operations to buy the contents of old storage units, usually by means of bidding at storage unit auctions. The show has been on the air for three seasons now, but it appears that the fourth season may have some controversy to address.

Has employment discrimination led to your wrongful termination?

In today's economic climate, most of our Colorado readers who have a job probably just feel fortunate enough to not be among the ranks of the unemployed. The joblessness rate in America continues to remain mostly stagnant, although recent months have shown some signs of modest improvement. However, there are still many Americans who face the prospect of being laid off - or even just flat-out fired - everyday. When employment does come to an end, Colorado residents should be sure that the loss of their job wasn't due to employment discrimination.

Deciding who's the boss in employment discrimination cases

Most of our regular Colorado readers probably know that when there are problems in the workplace, many parties may be involved. If the issue is one of employment discrimination, a lawsuit can be filed to rectify the situation and to hold the employer accountable. However, in some cases of discrimination, it can be hard to pin down which party is responsible.

Discrimination case results in huge jury award for employee

Most of our Colorado readers are probably familiar with the daytime television game show "The Price is Right." The popular show, which has been on the air for years, revolves around contestants guessing the retail price of a wide variety of consumer products, with the products presented for their inspection by female models clad in glamorous gowns or swimsuits. Controversy has swirled in regards to these models over the years for various reasons, but now one former model has successfully pursued an employment discrimination lawsuit against the show.

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