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November 2012 Archives

Colorado politician set to take up bill to prevent discrimination

When times change in America, it is up to the federal government, as well as the legislatures of the individual states, to enact laws which reflect the current norms of society. In that respect, it would be hard for our Colorado readers to have missed the fact that several states in the country have now in some way legalized same-sex marriage, including most recently in Maine and Maryland. However, what these votes may show is a larger shift among the American population toward moving away from some of the many forms of discrimination which may have occurred in the past, and more toward an open society which is accepting of everyone, no matter what their personality or preferences are.

Waffle House CEO may be dealing with sexual harassment case

Most of our Colorado readers are probably familiar with the restaurant chain Waffle House. The national chain has hundreds of locations throughout the country, with several in the Denver area alone. Most people have probably heard nothing but good things about the restaurant chain, but that perception may change after a report surfaced that the CEO of the company has had a criminal complaint filed against him under allegations of sexual harassment.

Well-known company faces discrimination lawsuit

Many of our Colorado readers are likely to be familiar with the John Deere brand. It is a company that produces thousands of tractors and other farming equipment used throughout the country. The company's reliability is almost without question. However, a recent employment discrimination lawsuit filed by an employee could lead to many viewing the company in a new light.

Is asking about criminal records discrimination?

Many of our Colorado readers probably know that employers are prohibited from engaging in discriminatory practices on a multitude of factors under federal law. There are also state laws which prohibit employment discrimination. Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination based on race, national origin and religion. There are also laws which prohibit discrimination due to a person's disability, and others which prohibit discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation or political affiliations. But there are some areas where there is a bit more of a gray area. When an employer asks about a criminal background, could that be considered a form of discrimination?

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