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Sexual harassment at Dollar General leads to EEOC lawsuit

In Colorado there are many different laws to protect people in various different ways. Some may seem ridiculous to many people, some may not seem to go far enough. However, within the field of employment law, there are certain areas which deal specifically with protecting employees from discrimination and sexual harassment from their employers. The sad part is, however, that even with these types of laws in effect in Colorado and throughout the country, they are still ignored at times.

A recent sexual harassment case out of Arkansas is a perfect example of how some will ignore the protections of employment law. The employer was Dollar General, a national retail chain with stores throughout the United States, and three in the Denver area. The case, which has become a federal matter to be litigated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, was brought due to the alleged misbehaving of a Dollar General manager. The manager is said to have sexually harassed two female employees at his store by making improper comments to them, and requesting sexual favors.

This type of behavior, if proven true, is clearly against common decency, as well as state and federal law. The EEOC is seeking a monetary judgment, including punitive damages.

Although state law can vary, in Colorado a sexual harassment complaint must first be filed with the EEOC or the Colorado Civil Rights Division in order to proceed. This must be done before a civil lawsuit can be filed, and the complaint must be filed within 300 days of the alleged harassment. The procedure can be tricky, but if anyone finds themselves in this type of position with their employers the best course of action is usually to seek out the most accurate information about how to proceed, and to do it as quickly as possible.

Source: Arkansasmatters.com, "North Arkansas Dollar Store Manager Accused of Sexual Harassment," Sept. 27, 2012

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