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October 2012 Archives

Report shows capitol buildings are not ADA compliant

Of all the places that our Colorado readers would probably expect to be in line with federal regulations regarding workplace safety, Washington, D.C., would likely be at the very top of the list. However, according to a recent report, the grounds of the U.S. Capitol as well as many other Congressional office buildings are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act when it comes to ensuring a safe work environment for employees with a disability.

Age discrimination can affect Colorado job seekers

Any of our Colorado readers who are currently looking for a job probably know that the search can take quite a while these days. Even though the government would like Americans to believe that the economy is improving, slowly but surely, that can seem like hollow talk to some who have been searching for a full-time job for months. But to make matters worse, there are some people who may have actually been qualified for a position, but were not interviewed due to some type of employment discrimination.

Should obesity be considered a disability?

Some of our Colorado readers may remember a previous post from a few weeks ago addressing the rising concern of whether or not an employee's weight could become a factor in employment decisions. The possibility of an employee suffering from what is becoming known as "weight discrimination" has become more common. About 36 percent of adults in this country are considered obese, and that number is expected to rise.

Sexual harassment at Dollar General leads to EEOC lawsuit

In Colorado there are many different laws to protect people in various different ways. Some may seem ridiculous to many people, some may not seem to go far enough. However, within the field of employment law, there are certain areas which deal specifically with protecting employees from discrimination and sexual harassment from their employers. The sad part is, however, that even with these types of laws in effect in Colorado and throughout the country, they are still ignored at times.

Tackling pregnancy discrimination

Although the government works to create equality in the workplace, discrimination still exists in Denver and beyond. Unfortunately, there has been a surge of cases involving pregnant women. Last month, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed four lawsuits against companies that they believe discriminated against pregnant women.

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