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August 2012 Archives

More instances of religious discrimination

Earlier this month, we wrote about a workplace discrimination case in which a Muslim worker at Disneyland was prohibited from wearing a head covering. Unfortunately, another well-known company is in the news after one of their former employees says managers told her she had to adhere to their dress code even though it violated her religious beliefs.

Family Medical Leave Act is good, but can the government do more?

Most Americans would be fairly pleased with an employer who offers paid maternity leave. That is because in our country, paid maternity leave is still rather rare. America is a bit isolated amongst other countries on this issue - many countries, including most in Europe, have laws which guarantee certain periods of paid maternity leave. Of course, one of the rationales behind the paid maternity leave in those countries is to encourage population growth, a problem about which America currently need not be concerned. So, if any of our Denver area readers are not among the lucky few employees in this country with a paid leave option, where do they turn?

Former Disneyland employee says she was the victim of discrimination

Whether you live in Denver or elsewhere, employers around the United States cannot discriminate against employees based on their religion, race, color, gender or national origin. Despite such laws being in place, employers may not always comply, even some of the largest corporations in the world.

Wal-Mart faces discrimination claim over check-out aisles

Americans would have to go quite a ways to find someone who hasn't heard of Wal-Mart. The general store with small beginnings has grown to a worldwide corporation, with over 3,000 "supercenters" across the country. Towns large and small have access to a wide variety of groceries and other goods through these discount stores, including approximately 20 locations in Denver alone. But Wal-Mart is not without detractors, and now it appears the corporation has crossed a line with a key segment of the American population: those suffering from a disability.

Sexual harassment in the military may not be isolated incidents

Colorado has a long and distinguished connection to the United States armed forces. The state is home to six military installations, including five Air Force facilities. The Air Force Academy trains and educates some of the finest college graduates in the country. But even those who serve in the military are not immune to being victims of sexual harassment, and a case involving one Air Force drill instructor is bringing the topic of sexual discrimination in the armed forces to the forefront of the public discourse.

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