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June 2012 Archives

EEOC gets discrimination settlement from Colorado company

H&E Equipment Services, Inc., a national construction equipment dealer with a branch in Henderson, Colorado, recently agreed to a $125,000 settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The settlement came after a gender-based complaint was filed by one of the company's former employees. The EEOC filed an employment discrimination lawsuit based on the complaint in a Denver federal court last September.

Army policy has negative impact on disabled soldiers

Our readers in Colorado may be interested to learn that service dogs are being used more frequently by soldiers with disabilities in Army installations such as Fort Carson. In recent years, these soldiers, who usually remain on active duty only while being processed for medical retirement, have found a range of uses for service dogs. Some of the animals are trained to help soldiers who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that is being diagnosed more frequently as soldiers make the transition from military life to civilian life.

Children's Hospital Colorado pays $95,000 due to ADA violation

If any of our readers in Colorado are looking for a job in today's economy, they have likely run into significant difficulties. Most readings of the economy's health have shown stagnation and uneasiness, with the unemployment numbers mostly staying the same or showing scant improvement. However, job hunting can be even more of a challenge if a potential employer engages in discriminatory hiring practices.

Job hunters beware -- discrimination can occur in job search

Any of our Denver-area readers who are hunting for jobs right now probably know that it is tough out there. The national unemployment rate stubbornly remains above 8 percent, with the unemployment rate in Colorado largely in line with that number. However, getting a job or even an interview can be much tougher if the potential employer engages in discrimination.

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