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January 2012 Archives

Employee says she was fired for giving notice of leave under FMLA

Readers in the Denver area will be interested to hear of a lawsuit involving a woman who said she was harassed and wrongfully terminated for requesting leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. The woman had been employed at a senior community living facility for less than 12 months when she gave notice that she was pregnant and would need to take leave after the birth of her child. Even though the FMLA requires a person to work for 12 months before becoming eligible for leave, the woman in this case would have been eligible by the time her leave commenced.

Denver high school coach claims employment discrimination

It is against federal law to fire, discipline or discriminate against an employee for taking advantage of health or other job benefits to which the employee is entitled. But a Colorado high school coach who twice won the Colorado State High School Coach of the Year award says he was fired in April 2010 not only because he used his health insurance benefits, but also because of his age. Recently, the coach filed a lawsuit in Denver federal court, saying that the owners of the private high school where he worked violated his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Pregnant workers: know your rights under ADA and FMLA

As readers in Colorado may know, in 2008, the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act broadened the Americans with Disabilities Act to include a number of relatively minor and short-term physical disabilities. However, in most of the United States, employers still sometimes try to get away with employment discrimination based on the burdens women must endure while pregnant.

Search ongoing for sexual harassment suspect in Boulder

The search continues for a man in Colorado who is accused of unlawful sexual contact with a former employee of the Original Pancake House. The man is accused of unlawful sexual contact with force, unlawful sexual conduct and identity theft. He was previously employed at the restaurant, as was the female victim, and it is alleged that three other men were involved in the sexual harassment case.The woman says that several of the male employees at the restaurant repeatedly touched her inappropriately and harassed her. After the woman complained in March, police arrested three individuals who worked at the Original Pancake House, and authorities say the men were using fake identities. They each pled guilty to criminal impersonation and harassment charges, and were thereafter handed over to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However, the fourth accused man is still wanted by law enforcement.

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