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Employment discrimination alleged over Ten Commandments monument

Illegal discrimination may occur in a number of circumstances, but it typically involves someone whose treatment in the workplace has been unjust and detrimental. Needless to say, employment discrimination is illegal, as it harms not only employees but also the employing organization as a whole. With these thoughts in mind, Colorado readers may be interested to hear of a case in New Mexico in which a former city official may have been terminated due to opposition to a Ten Commandments monument on city property.

A former parks director is reportedly facing charges of embezzlement. Specifically, he stands accused of illegally using city property and city employees to repair his horse trailer. He is also accused of having on-duty city employees install a jacuzzi in his home. However, the city manager who has made the accusations has admitted that not all the incidents can be proven.

For his part, the former parks director claims that the allegations are in retaliation for his objections to a Ten Commandments monument on the City Hall lawn. A private group had wanted to install the monument, but the man sought to block it. He has also pointed out that three other former employees of the city are suing for wrongful termination.

If the allegations made against the former parks director are merely a pretext for employment discrimination, or are in retaliation for comments he made, then it is likely that he is the victim of wrongful termination. The man has already hired legal counsel who will no doubt help him in fighting the embezzlement accusations. Likewise, Colorado residents who feel they have been the victims of employment discrimination may wish to seek legal assistance. In fact, employment discrimination does not necessarily mean that a person has been fired. It can occur whenever an employee is treated differently from others in a detrimental manner.

Source: The Durango Herald, "Ex-Bloomfield parks director charged with embezzlement," Dec. 17, 2011

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