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December 2011 Archives

Employment discrimination lawsuit against Colorado moving company

Readers in Denver will be interested to hear of an employment discrimination lawsuit involving a moving and storage company based in Grand Junction. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly discriminating against employees. According to the EEOC, the company permitted its Salt Lake City warehouse facility to take discriminatory action against Mexican immigrants.

Employment discrimination alleged over Ten Commandments monument

Illegal discrimination may occur in a number of circumstances, but it typically involves someone whose treatment in the workplace has been unjust and detrimental. Needless to say, employment discrimination is illegal, as it harms not only employees but also the employing organization as a whole. With these thoughts in mind, Colorado readers may be interested to hear of a case in New Mexico in which a former city official may have been terminated due to opposition to a Ten Commandments monument on city property.A former parks director is reportedly facing charges of embezzlement. Specifically, he stands accused of illegally using city property and city employees to repair his horse trailer. He is also accused of having on-duty city employees install a jacuzzi in his home. However, the city manager who has made the accusations has admitted that not all the incidents can be proven.

Colorado supermarket chain to pay for disability discrimination

According to a recent lawsuit, two employees at a Colorado supermarket chain, King Soopers, repeatedly bullied and taunted a fellow employee for his learning disability. The offending employees' actions were found to be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that employees with disabilities are treated with the same dignity and respect due to every worker across the country.

Former Colorado bank employee fired for whistle-blowing

A former Wells Fargo Bank employee in Colorado is in the midst of a widely publicized wrongful termination lawsuit. The woman says that she was hired as a mortgage fraud analyst, yet when she began noticing mortgage fraud, the bank fired her.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Deaf man held, no interpreter

A federal lawsuit was filed on Nov. 28 in Denver on behalf of a deaf couple who claim that sheriff's officials in Adams County kept the man locked up for 25 days without providing an interpreter or auxiliary aids for deaf suspects. The couple claims that their legal rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act were violated. The man does not read or write English or read lips but is able to communicate using American Sign Language. However, the lawsuit claims that he was held for almost a month without provision of any information on why he was being held, about his legal case or what was going to happen to him.

Colorado couple fired for alleging sexual misconduct

A husband and wife in Colorado have said they were wrongfully fired from the school where they worked after the couple made allegations of sexual misconduct. The misconduct allegedly occurred between another female teacher and a 15-year-old male student. The couple has since filed a wrongful termination complaint.

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