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July 2011 Archives

Employment discrimination: Delta city clerk wins back job

Employment discrimination claims in Colorado can arise as a result of a plethora of circumstances. When criminal charges are filed against an individual, particularly a public employee, employment issues may become a concern.

Sexual harassment complaint; catalyst behind officer's dismissal

Four years ago, a former Colorado policewoman sued the city of Aspen, Colorado on the basis of wrongful termination. Now, her trial is finally scheduled. Her lawsuit results from the fact that there is debate over whether or not she was terminated for legitimate reasons, or on the basis of sexual discrimination.

Judge upholds employment discrimination suit for county worker

Accident victims may be unable to work for some time while they are recovering from their injuries. Employers have a responsibility to accommodate the needs of their employees while they are unable to work, and to treat them fairly if they return to their position. A federal judge has denied attempts by county officials in Colorado to dismiss an employment discrimination lawsuit filed by a man who was fired after an accident.

Pharmaceutical discrimination against the law in Colorado

Discrimination in the workplace takes on many forms. Recently, the Supreme Court in Washington state ruled that an employee may be terminated for off-the-job marijuana use. The ruling goes on to state that the termination was legitimate regardless of whether the employee has a prescription for medical marijuana use. In the realm of Colorado employment law, certain instances of termination for the use of medical marijuana as prescribed by physician may be considered pharmaceutical discrimination.

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