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June 2011 Archives

Administrative fire chief faces disability hearing

Most people file for disability only after an accident or injury on the job has left them without the capacity to perform their prior duties effectively. Receiving disability benefits does not mean that the individual is completely incapacitated professionally, however. A former fire chief in Colorado is now under investigation for fraudulently obtaining his disability income because he continued to work for another fire department while receiving disability benefits.

Colorado woman files discrimination lawsuit

Even in 2011, sexual harassment in the workplace may go unreported for fear of retaliation -- and retaliation is not unheard of. A true-life example, according to a recently filed federal suit, is the case of a Colorado woman who was a plaintiff in a sexual harassment claim a few years ago. She accepted a settlement; another woman involved in the suit did not.

Sexual harassment suit settles out of court

Sexual harassment can be a real concern in the workplace. Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers from harassment at work and to ensure that everyone who works for them feels safe and secure. But sometimes, however, inappropriate behavior occurs in a work environment. In these situations, employees hope they can turn to their employer for help, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Employee granted unemployment after fired for medical marijuana use

Last March, a Coors employee in Colorado was fired after testing positive for marijuana. The man was denied unemployment benefits initially, but he recently won an appeal. The review board determined that the man was "not terminated through any fault of his own," and he is therefore entitled to unemployment benefits.

Colorado board of education member accused of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment takes on many forms and is often overlooked as a minor infraction. Victims of sexual harassment often doubt themselves because the nature of the harassment is often subtle. Sexually charged comments and unwelcomed compliments, as well as discrimination because of gender, are all considered types of sexual harassment. A school board member in Colorado has been accused of sexual harassment during recent months. Recently, the board confronted the accused gentleman in a heated meeting.

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